How To Crush Approach Anxiety And Fear


Hello mate,

For years I personally struggled with approach anxiety and social anxiety. I was scared to approach beautiful women and scared to speak to people. This ended up creating a lot of sadness, depression, loneliness, anger, and paranoia in my life. I was seriously desperate for answers to help me overcome my fear. The truth was not actually what I wanted to be true, but nonetheless it eventually transformed my life and gave me freedom, and got me amazing results with beautiful women. So let me not waste any of your time and give you the actual truth, which is you cannot fully get rid of approach anxiety or fear. I know what you are thinking: OMG this is bullshit! so that mean’s my suffering is never going to go away.

NO, NO,NO, my friend you can actually learn to embrace, accept, surrender, transform, your fear or approach anxiety into action or confidence. You can learn to work with the FEAR that you feel, and enable it to fully empower you. This can only truly be understood through direct experience, and not reading books that simply won’t be enough to fully understand the truth.

You have to face all your fears over and over again until you become desensitised to them. This can even sometimes give you the illusion or understanding that the fear has gone.  Exposure therapy is what I teach my clients on my famous 6 week transformation program. ONLY through exposing yourself to the things you fear can you get the results you want.

Facing the fear of talking to beautiful women

Facing the fear of meeting new people

Facing the fear of doing public speaking

Facing the fear of leaving a bad job

Facing the fear of starting your own business

Facing the fear of judgement!

Facing the fear of asking a woman out


This is my teaching, or philosophy what I call “practical-spirituality” which consistently works in the REAL world and get’s life changing results. The more you face a fear, the more you grow as a person, and attract the things that you want in your life. Running away from the discomfort of your fear will only make you feel worse about who you are. You can run my friend but you cannot hide from FEAR because it is within you.


I encourage you to take massive action and face all of your fears, especially your approach anxiety with beautiful women. You won’t believe how amazing you are going to feel when you fully embrace all your fears and connect to who you truly are which is infinite my friend. LOVE conquers all fear that is a well known fact so NEVER allow FEAR of negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, to keep you trapped in your own mind, body, soul.


I can help you to conquer your fears with approaching beautiful women and living the life that you truly want on my 6 week transformation programme. Just 6 weeks to face all your fears and completely TRANSFORM yourself into the authentic man you have always been underneath. I mean come on man seriously have a think about this life changing investment to change your life and find freedom.

12-hours of practical spirituality: Which means writing or admitting all your fears down on paper then systematically going out and confronting them on a practical level. If you want to have a beautiful girlfriend that loves you for who you are? or date many beautiful women> Then you must face all your fears otherwise you will not get the results. The 6 weeks coaching experience is hard to put into words, because it will teach you so much about attraction, dating, success, fear, and who you truly are. This is worth dying for I know that sounds dramatic but it’s bloody true mate. To live in fear all your life is to be dead every single day. Being depressed and anxious is know fun for any human being. I wanna help and transform as many men as I can.


I hope this message finds you safely, and inspires you to take action!




Enjoy The Process!!