How To Speak To Beautiful Women With Confidence

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Johnny Berba goes out on the streets of central London to demonstrate how to speak to women. Johnny teaches men how to overcome the fear of talking to women and to build social confidence through the practice of complete honesty. Most dating companies will teach you pick-up lines and methods which are not honest and will…

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30 Minutes Of Dating & Relationship Advice From Johnny Berba!

dating advice

Johnny Berba Gives 30 minutes of full-on dating & relationship advice to men from his bedroom. Johnny explains why living a life with integrity in all areas of your life including dating will lead you to massive love and long lasting happiness. Having gone through many years of getting laid with tons of women from cold…

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Do You Have Social Anxiety: Nervous Around People?

social fear

Johnny Berba explains the symptoms of social anxiety and why you may be suffering from it. Social anxiety can make it difficult for you to feel relaxed around people because you feel like people are going to make fun or you. The best way to overcome social anxiety is to place yourself in more social…

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Overcome Anxiety And Build Confidence Through The Practice Of Honesty


Johnny Berba takes to the streets of Central London to demonstrate how to overcome social anxiety. Overcoming social anxiety can be really difficult initially as you will experience some discomfort. The most important thing to remember is the more you talk to people the easier it will get and the better you will feel. Like…

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Social Phobia: The Fear Of Being Judged By People!

Johnny Berba explains the symptoms of social phobia which can be known as social anxiety. If you feel anxious around people and you find it difficult to maintain eye contact then it’s most likely you do have social anxiety. This may sound like no big deal to someone who does not suffer from this but having…

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How to approach a girl with headphones on?

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Johnny Berba demonstrates how to approach a girl with headphones on and get her phone number. The key to attracting women in different social situations is to be really honest. The more honest you are the more comfortable you are likely to make the other person feel. Secondly, it’s about how confident you are in…

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How To Get Into State To Meet Beautiful Girls (Live Demonstrations)

anxiety product

In this video, Johnny Berba demonstrates how to meet and attract beautiful girls on the street. Johnny also explains how important your emotional state is when talking to women as well as connecting to your authentic self. Most men  think you need to use pick-up lines to get a girl attracted to you which is…

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The Complexity of Female Attraction

female attraction

In This video, Johnny Berba explains the complexity of female attraction. Most men think that a woman’s decision to date them is based on looks, money, and supreme confidence. This is not actually the truth but majority of men will never actually go out and find out for themselves. The media, marketing, magazines, tend to…

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Johnny Berba – Teaches Men How To Find self Love And Attract Women Naturally

self love man

Johnny Berba demonstrates how to manage social anxiety by being honest with people on the street. Social anxiety disorder can create a lot of irrational fear which can make talking to women extremely uncomfortable. What I have found to be a life-changing practice which I teach students on my 6-week transformation program is to sit…

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Johnny Berba’s | Mindset To Date Beautiful Women From The Street (Full Demonstrations)

mindset to build healthy relationships with beautiful women

Johnny Berba explains and demonstrates how to develop the correct mindset to date beautiful women from the street that are right for you. Most men make dating very difficult by allowing their limiting beliefs to get in the way. One of the main mistakes men make is being too outcome dependent and not enjoying the process of…

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