How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Build High Self Esteem

social anxiety

Johnny Berba shares his story about his battle with dealing with social anxiety. Social anxiety can only be overcome by facing the fear and placing yourself in situations that make you feel afraid. Most people that suffer from social phobia are too afraid to Evan admit they are afraid. It takes so much courage to…

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Social Anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction, Pick-Up Artistry, And More!


I want to first share this story with you because selfishly it will help me and secondly it will hopefully help you as well. I would never have the courage to write this in such raw honest detail without the help and intuition of (GOD). So how did my social anxiety first become apparent to…

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Project Social Anxiety – By Johnny Berba

project social anxiety

Johnny Berba takes you into a day in a life of social anxiety along with all the challenges a person may face dealing with this condition. Social anxiety can make everyday life really difficult for a person. Social phobia is usually due to the cause of suffering from a childhood trauma which for example could…

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Male Insecurity: Does Getting Laid Give You Internal Fulfilment?

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 05.27.49

The first place men tend to direct their attention to when suffering from insecurity is beautiful women. This is what is projected in our society today the idea that a beautiful woman will make a man feel more secure. Let’s rewind back a decade ago when I was really struggling from deep insecurity and believed…

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How To Overcome Painful Rejection From Women


Johnny Berba explains how to overcome painful rejection from women by facing it and developing a deeper understanding of the meaning. Most people associate rejection as something that is bad and is to be ashamed of. Johnny, however, teaches that one can only transcend from rejection by actually experiencing it and growing more inner strength. You…

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Interview with Johnny Berba; Social anxiety, erectile dysfunction & the power of having a mentor!

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Sebastian from (Authenticmanwithin) interviews Johnny Berba on social anxiety and erectile dysfunction. Johnny Berba talks about how he got started with meeting and attracting women from the street to becoming a professional dating & life coach for men. Johnny explains how his spiritual transformation changed his entire outlook on pick-up artistry and living an honest life…

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Johnny Berba – How To Overcome Fear


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Social Anxiety| Building Confidence With People Through The Practice Of Integrity

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 03.53.14

Johnny Berba – Goes out on the streets of Central London to demonstrate his philosophy of being honest with people. Most sufferers of (SOCIAL ANXIETY) are so afraid of being judged by people that being honest and open about their feelings can feel almost impossible. Social anxiety is usually the result of a childhood trauma…

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Social Anxiety| How To Build Confidence In Your Dating & Social Life

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Johnny Berba explains how you can manage social anxiety through the practice of honesty. Social anxiety can make everyday life really difficult because interacting with people can be absolutely terrifying. Johnny Berba had suffered from social anxiety all throughout his twenties which made it really difficult for him to talk to women. (Social anxiety): The…

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How To Heal Your Pain From ChildHood (LOVE IS THE ANSWER)

heal your childhood pain

Johnny Berba talks about his abusive childhood which caused him to later suffer from social anxiety. Johnny is now helping other men that have too suffered from childhood abuse, low self-esteem, social anxiety, and lack the confidence to approach women. Johnny was able to forgive his Father for the violent abuse and transform his social/dating life…

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