Benedict’s Life Changing Transformation


Hey man, I have to share this life-changing story, with you about my friend Benedict. I first meet Benedict last year actually he called me up to inquire about my weekend Bootcamp as he was suffering from approach anxiety. I have to be honest at first I did not feel he was right for my…

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The Biggest Sticking Point Men Have With Women

Johnny Berba explains the number one major sticking point that men face when meeting women. Most men will find tons of excuses as to why they cannot get the success they want in their dating life because deep down they are afraid of looking at the truth. The truth is that fear/anxiety is the biggest…

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How To Manage Fear And Build Self Confidence With Women

social fear

In this video, Johnny Berba demonstrates how to manage social fear and build confidence with women. Johnny explains that it’s completely normal to feel afraid before going out in public to meet women. The best thing you can do is to get better at managing your social anxiety through exposing yourself to the feelings more.…

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Beginners Guide To Mastering Daygame

mastering daygame

Johnny Berba demonstrates how to overcome social anxiety and connect with beautiful women from a place of honesty. In this video, Johnny explains the principles of how to build attraction with women without needing to use any pick-up artist methods. When you actually start going out and doing day-game you realise how lovely women are…

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How To Overcome Approach Anxiety?

What is Approach anxiety? Well, it’s basically the fear of being judged by other people which creates a biological response better known as fight or flight. This psychological fear creates social anxiety which is really the same thing as (Approach Anxiety) Is it normal to suffer from Approach anxiety? Yes, of course, we are human…

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How To Overcome Your Negative State In Daygame?


I thought I would let you guys into my mind and maybe I could inspire you to take action and overcome your social anxiety and attract the women you want with honesty. So today is my day off which is rare so I decided to go for a walk around central London to practice talking…

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10 First Date Tips For Newbies

In this video, Johnny Berba explains 10 tips for newbies on how to get a date from the street. Johnny Berba also demonstrates everything in the video as you can see for yourself which will inspire you to go and do the same. When you are starting out with day-game it can seem very difficult…

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Social Anxiety Is Effecting Your Daygame?

social anxiety

In this video Johnny Berba explains how social anxiety is effecting lots of men that take part in learning day-game. Men that lack confidence to approach women usually suffer from a form of social phobia. Most men would usually play it down in regards to how much they are actually struggling to speak to women…

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How To Meet Women On The Street With Honesty And Congruency (Daygame Infield)


Johnny Berba demonstrates how to meet a lovely Russian woman on the streets of Central London just by being really honest. The biggest sticking point men have is being able to express-themselves honestly with a woman. This does take a certain amount of courage to start with when you first start practicing day-game. You don’t…

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Attracting Women Naturally: Conversation Skills & Building Attraction

attraction on the street

Johnny breaks down how to have a conversation with a girl and build attraction through being honest in the present moment. The two major sticking points that newbies have with attracting women in day-game is conversation skills and building attraction. The best way to have an awesome conversation with a girl is to be really…

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