Anxiety Issues With Approaching Women Sober **5 Powerful Ways To Change This Quickly**

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Anxiety Issues With Approaching Women Sober **5 Powerful Ways To Change This Quickly**


My Name Is Johnny Berba, I help men to get control over their anxiety, so they can live the life they want to live. “Become Fearless” I received an email from a subscriber who is 21-years of age asking for advice on how to overcome his anxiety issues with approaching women sober.


This was his actual question?

How would you suggest I proceed to change myself?

My response in this video:

I have broken down the exact strategy to overcome your anxiety issues by speaking to women in pretty much any social situation.

1) You need a goal

2) Fitness Routine

3) Social Relationships

4) Transform your fashion and style

5) Practice talking to women for a minimum of 6 weeks to maximum 6-months.


***Goal*** If you want to get control over your anxiety and become confident with women and build honest relationships then you need to have a goal in your life. If you make chasing women your goal you are going to become very unhappy and insecure. When you have a goal in life and you do what you love it gives you that confidence and happiness in your life. Women are attracted to men that are happy, confident, and positive.

***Fitness Routine*** Having a regular fitness routine really improves your mental health and it makes you more confident and attractive to women. Find a Fitness routine that you enjoy and works for you. You can also check out my Fitness videos on my playlist section of my youtube channel for more tips and advice on how to train and get into shape.


***Social Relationships*** It’s so important to spend quality time with your close friends and family and to also go to social meetup groups so you can meet and connect with new people. Going to events is very good especially if you suffer from social anxiety.


**Transform Your Fashion and Style*** This is very important for your confidence and self-image and sense of style. You don’t have to spend loads of money on designer clothes if you are on a tight budget. Go to any local high-street store and ask the sales assistants for some help to pick out some clothes that would suit your body shape and personality.

***Practice Talking to Women for a Minimum of 6 Weeks to Maximum 6-Months*** Practice talking to women for 6 weeks and if you feel confident and you can control your anxiety then you are good to go. If your anxiety has not gone after 6 weeks then keep practicing for another 6-months. The practice is the key to overcoming any anxiety and fear.