Anxiety Is A Coward: Self Isolating & Social Distancing With The Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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If you suffer from anxiety and you have suffered with it your whole life then listen up because I am going to teach you how you can deal with it and get control over it so you can live the life that you want. This will be very helpful especially in these difficult times with the Coronavrisu (COVID-19)  and the social distancing and self-isolation that everybody has to do.


So a quick little understanding of how anxiety can make you feel very fearful and stressed about life. Anxiety tends to first make you feel ashamed about having it in the first place, Secondly, anxiety will bully you into believing you cannot do XYZ. These are the two negative aspects of how anxiety tends to keep people living in their comfort zones.


Anxiety will tell you that you are not good enough and everybody else is better than you so you should just avoid situations that would actually benefit your overall well being because you won’t be able to handle your anxiety in these fearful situations. Let me tell you something this is a load of bullocks brothers and sisters you can handle a lot of anxiety and stress in your life. You are in fact 100x stronger than you think don’t listen to what the anxiety is telling you. The anxiety is a coward and it will try it’s best to control you through fear and negative thoughts from the past, present, and future. STAY PRESENT and live in the NOW and be POSITIVE people.


What you have to do is manually change your mindset and do the opposite of what your anxiety is telling you to do. When your anxiety tells you to avoid people because they will judge you for getting nervous you must not listen to it and go and socialize with people. When your anxiety tells you not to post up your feelings and thoughts on social media because everybody will think you are a “LOSER” you must go and post what you want. The more you fight the anxiety back the less control it will have over you.


You have to “Become Fearless” and start creating a larger vision of yourself if you want to finally find happiness and satisfaction in your life. You don’t realize how much confidence and potential you have in your life to be great and to do great things.


You must not allow your anxiety to frighten you on a mental and emotional level. You have gone through so many difficult situations and times in your life before so you can go through difficult times again. Remember anxiety is a weak little bully that can’t do anything to you, my friend. Transform your thinking and start taking massive action and watch how much more confident and successful you are going to become.


Become Fearless and start fighting the good fight and coming outside your comfort zone and facing your fears and expressing yourself. This is what all the successful people do so you can 100 percent do the same, my friend. Don’t allow yourself to feel ashamed and defeated because you suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is normal it comes with being a human being and having all the normal fears. How you deal with it my friend is what counts and what will determine the life you are going to live. All the successful people you see celebrities all suffer from anxiety just like you do. They have just done exactly what I am encouraging you to do which is to control it by not allowing it to control you.


If you don’t get control over your anxiety and you let it frighten you into doing what it want’s you to do then you are going to remain unhappy your entire life. One of the best ways to start getting control over your anxiety is to start exercising and getting fit. I cannot even begin to tell in words you how much exercise will help reduce your anxiety and make you feel great about yourself. The more you exercise the fitter and stronger you will become both mentally and emotionally. (Training lowers anxiety automatically) so what are you waiting for get down and give me ten push-ups let’s go champ as Shannon The Cannon Briggs would say!